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Venus Full-Automatic, 6 wires treble scourers.
The sixth generation Metalline Spiral Scourers Scrubbers Manufacturing Machine JX-A6

scourermachine scourer


Main Feature:

Output: 110KGS/8Hrs for general metallic scourer; 80KGS/8Hrs for spiral scourer making ,
Full-automatic operation,available for spiral pot scourers scrubbers!
Producing general scourer just by exchanging the multi-lines system.
Material wire Setting: 6 wires treble scourers.
Full-automatic scourer ball-dividing system.
Final scourer separating melted down by low voltage controlled
Materials feeding: Diameter 0.125-0.17mm Stainless Steel Wire(exclude 304), Galvanized Iron Wire, Iron Wire.
Power Supply:AC 380V, AC 220V (Custom-made)
Power (KW): 2.2KW / 3.0KW

Kitchen Stainless Steel Scourer Scrubber machine - JX-W2
for metalline metallic wire mesh scourer, galvanized iron wire scourers,
copper scourer scrubber, plastic scourer, brass scourer scrubbers manufacturing.
Double-Needle Knitting Cylinders, Very stable and low maintenance cost.

See video of mesh Scourer Making Machine

Main Features:

  • Output: 32~48KGS/8Hrs for wire mesh scourer
  • Power Supply:AC 380V, AC 220V (Custom-made)
  • Materials feeding: Diameter 0.125-0.19mm Stainless Steel Wire (include 304,410,430 etc), Galvanized Iron Wire, Iron Wire, copper wire, brass wire, coloured plastic wires.
  • Stepless Speed Regulation, Japanese OMRON time controller, PHILIPS sensor automatic counting, size and weight of final scourer could be preset as per requirement.
  • Output capacity of Double-Needle cylinders manufacturing is twice as much as an ordinary metallic mesh scourer scrubber machine.
  • Compression rollers and weaving parts have each separated speed ratio of transmission system.
  • Automatic wire-broken stop motion.
  • Automatic cutting with high performance air compressor system, its cutting tools are hidden blades with multi-sides sawtooth utilizing the latest company technology we owned (Patent number: CN2009211975.7). It made shearing more accurate, sharper and safer.
  • Easy operation, one worker controls multiple machines. Wire loading, flatting, wire mesh knitting, and scrubber cutting, all finished in one time.

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Company Profile

We established in 1993, specialized in scourer manufacturing before year 2003. We produced from raw material wire pulling, scourer balling up to last packaging, its branded product "Venus" and "Diamond" series scourers had been appraised as the "Famous and high quality family housewares reliable purchasing brand in China".

In year 2003, we started to make scourer making machine, with the same passion in scourer products, our intelligent experts come from military equipments research organizations and famous universities in China, a reformed, innovatory enterprise was born which is specialised in scourer manufacturing equipments. After innumerable improvement and efforts we paid, we finally get success. Nowadays, our customers are covered all of the domestic China, and export to world. Environment cared, energy saving, stable, high-yield, all of our strongpoints attract more and more people to attend. We, Kimco Technology Limited is just becoming the leader and standard creator in this industy in the world!

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