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Venus Mesh Wire Scourer Scrubber knitting Machine JX-W2

See video of mesh Scourer Making Machineplastic scourer machine



Main Features:

  • Output: 32~48KGS/8Hrs for wire mesh scourer
  • Power Supply:AC 380V, AC 220V (Custom-made)
  • Materials feeding: Diameter 0.125-0.19mm Stainless Steel Wire (include 304,410,430 etc), Galvanized Iron Wire, Iron Wire, copper wire, brass wire, plastic wire(customized).
  • Stepless Speed Regulation, Japanese OMRON time controller, PHILIPS sensor automatic counting, size and weight of final scourer could be preset as per requirement.
  • Output capacity of Double-Needle cylinders manufacturing is twice as much as an ordinary metallic mesh scourer scrubber machine.
  • Compression rollers and weaving parts have each separated speed ratio of transmission system.
  • Automatic wire-broken stop motion.
  • Automatic cutting with high performance air compressor system, its cutting tools are hidden blades with multi-sides sawtooth utilizing the latest company technology we owned (Patent number: CN2009211975.7). It made shearing more accurate, sharper and safer.
  • Easy operation, one worker controls multiple machines. Wire loading, flatting, wire mesh knitting, and scrubber cutting, all finished in one time.
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