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Venus Scourer Making Machine JX-A4
Stopped, as no material supply for this old model
See video of Scourer Making Machine JX-A4

Main Features:

  • The fifth generation Scourer Making Machine, more stability and compatibility.
  • Output: 110KGS/8Hrs for general metallic scourer; 80KGS/8Hrs for spiral scourer
  • Full-automatic operation,available for spiral scourer!
  • Producing general scourer just by exchanging the multi-lines system.
  • Material wire Setting: 6 wires treble scourers.
  • Full-automatic scourer ball-dividing system.
  • Final scourer separating melted down by low voltage controlled
  • Materials feeding: Diameter 0.125-0.17mm Stainless Steel Wire(exclude 304), Galvanized Iron Wire, Iron Wire.
  • Power Supply:AC 380V, AC 220V (Custom-made)
  • Motor Power (KW): 2.2KW
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