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About us

Kimco Technology Limited, established in 1993, specialized in scourer cleaning ball, cleaning products manufacturing before year 2003. We produced from raw material wire pulling, scourer balling up to last packaging, its branded product "Venus" and "Diamond" series scourers had been appraised as the "Famous and high quality family housewares reliable purchasing brand in China".

In year 2003, we started to make scourer making machine, with the same passion in scourer products, our intelligent experts come from military equipments research organizations and famous universities in China, a reformed, innovatory enterprise was born which is specialised in scourer manufacturing equipments. After innumerable improvement and efforts we paid, we finally get success. Nowadays, our customers are covered all of the domestic China, and export to world. Environment cared, energy saving, stable, high-yield, all of our strongpoints attract more and more people to attend. We, Kimco Technology Limited is just becoming the leader and standard creator in this industy in world!


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